Welcome to Our Time Bank

Our community Time Bank of the Rockies (TBR) is located in Montrose, Colorado, on the Western Slope southeast of Grand Junction and north of the San Juan Mountains. Currently, the area served includes  Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray and Delta Counties.

Time banks, also known as “time exchanges”, are about people helping other people in a system where everyone’s skills are equally valued and where everyone benefits. One hour you spend helping another creates a time credit that can be used to get help or purchase goods available from other members. Time credits can also be used to donate time to friends, family or charities. Watch this short video for a quick overview of how it works:





Our Mission

Time Bank of the Rockies develops networks of shared time on the Western Slope which link individuals and organizations in new ways to facilitate non-money-based exchange of resources and services.

Each of us has unique resources, skills and talents to share, and we can all enjoy exchanging these for the services or goods of others. The types of tasks and services that can be time-banked are virtually unlimited.  Here are just a few examples of services that might be available to members at any given time:

  • Animal Care
  • Arts and crafts
  • Automotive
  • Computer assistance
  • Construction and home repair
  • Editing and word processing
  • Elder care and companionship
  • Errands and shopping
  • Health and wellness
  • Housekeeping
  • Language lessons
  • Massage and physical therapy
  • Music lessons or performances
  • Transportation



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