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Core-Values150Our Core Values

Assets. We are all assets and have something to give to the community.

Reciprocity. Individuals, families, and communities are empowered when everyone gives and everyone receives. We all need each other.

Redefining Work. Work needs to be redefined to include all the efforts and skills that contribute to a society, including such services as care giving and volunteer work of all kinds that do not show up when calculating gross domestic product. Time Banks recognize and reward that work.

Social Networks. Individuals and families who are actively engaged in networks of caring and support build communities of strength and trust.

Respect. Every human being matters. We respect people where they are in the moment and recognize that everyone has value.

Our Executive Board

  • Cathy Trujillo, President
  • Dan Baer, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Sandy Balerio, Secretary
  • Cynthia Harwood, Executive Director
  • Meg Nagel, Grant Writer

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  1. Reply Valerie Rolfson Sep 28,2015 11:45 pm

    Wow, such a great idea

  2. Reply Joanna Joslyn Sep 5,2017 8:50 am

    I am a timebank member in Charlottesville VA and would like to transfer my membership (and if possible my hours) to the Rockies. I’ve been told the admin of the destination timebank needs to help with this. Can I schedule a phone call to discuss? I’m living part-time in Paonia.
    Thank you,

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