Summer Time Update & Call for Stories

Ridgway-panoramaThe summer is well in progress as we continue to build our Time Bank of the Rockies community and expand our outreach efforts. The board of directors has a new member as well – Darlene Cavallaro officially joined last month to contribute her skills and expertise in the areas of youth outreach, website/media, and events. Her family and media team moved to Montrose area last summer and they joined the Time Bank of the Rockies last fall.

Templar tone enhancedThis website is now being sponsored and managed by Darlene and her family team of online media developers. As part of the development agenda we would like to invite members to please submit fun or interesting Time Banking experiences stories for publication on this blog. The stories should include photos if possible and be intended to share with a public readership that will give people who have not yet joined an ‘insider’ view of what Time Banking is about.

Please send stories and photos to: dar (at)

We have some exciting new developments and announcements that we will be posting about in the coming weeks so stayed tuned!

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