How it Works

hourglassOne hour you spend providing support to another member earns you a time credit to be used to receive a service from another Time Bank member, not necessarily the same person to whom you provided assistance.

Although some skills are generally perceived as having a higher value than others, Time Banks recognize that everyone is equal no matter what job they perform. The goal is build healthier communities based on mutual respect for everyone’s efforts, talents and skills.

When you become a Time Bank member, you will be given access to the Time Bank website where you can post the skills and talents you are willing to share as well as those you would like to receive. If you don’t have a computer, you can get help from a Time Bank computer buddy or use a public-access computer at the library or other establishment offering such services.

If materials such as paint or office supplies are required, it is generally expected that these will be paid for by the person receiving a service. The person offering the service should confirm any such costs and payment with the recipient.

Time may be banked in whole hours or quarter hours.  If you work a partial hour, please round up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

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