Terms of Service

We ask that you take your commitment to the program seriously. When a member is contracted to do a service, please make every effort to cooperate with them and maintain prompt communication. Negotiating time credit or hour amounts for a service or declining an exchange for valid reasons are acceptable actions. However, we ask that all contact you have with fellow members reflect our core values: respect, reciprocity, and equality.

  • I understand that the references I have provided may be contacted and that Time Bank of the Rockies (TBR) will do Sexual Offender Register checks on all applicants.
  • I consent to the release of all relevant information concerning my ability and fitness to participate as a member of the TBR.
  • I understand that as a time bank member, we offer neighborly services to each other. Members provide services to the best of their ability and do not guarantee their work. I understand that the TBR is a coordinating agency only and cannot guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred and is not responsible for the services performed or not performed.
  • I understand that expenses for any materials used will be the responsibility of the recipient, and expenses will be agreed upon before the service is delivered.
  • I agree to only exchange lawful services or goods through the Time Bank.
  • I understand that TBR cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property experienced while involved with the program. The applicant hereby agrees to hold TBR, as well as its employees and/or agents harmless from any and all claims or liabilities for any activities performed by a TBR volunteer.
  • I agree to take responsibility for any accident or injuries that I might suffer while on property owned or rented by any TBR member and waive any claim against that member.
  • I assume complete responsibility for the supervision and safety of my family members, including children, and take responsibility for any damage or accident in which my family members may be involved during Time Bank exchanges.
  • I understand that there will be immediate termination of membership of any member who harasses, harms, or interferes with any other TBR member.
  • I agree to refer any complaints or concerns to TBR and to refer any disagreements between TBR members to TBR.
  • I agree that if I use my personal vehicle in rendering volunteer service through TBR I will, in accordance with Colorado law, arrange to keep in effect legal automobile liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage.
  • I pledge not to reveal the contents of the TBR service website, nor any other documentation provided by my local time bank to non-members, especially any personal information provided. I will not reveal the password for my TBR account to non-members, and will use reasonable care to protect the password.
  • I certify that the information given on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • Although TBR does not charge a fee to join, an annual donation is requested to help cover the administrative costs.

By becoming a Time Bank Member, I certify that I have read this document carefully and that I understand its terms, and that I recognize that it constitutes a waiver of legal rights, and that it is enforceable to the extent allowed by the law.