There are several Time Banks around the United States and the world. Time Banks bring people together and create a sense of community and common goal. They value everyone the same and empower people to give and receive services without the exchange of money.

Through Time Banks, members improve their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence because they feel they can give back to the community. This sets Time Banks apart from charities, which have a different philosophy.

An improved quality of life and a sense of safety make our communities better and happier. People feel they can trust each other and rely on each other in case of an emergency. The more people are involved in a community, the more they will care and value its wellbeing and prosperity.

The Five Core Values of Time Banks


The philosophy of Time Banks is based on the idea that we all have something valuable to share with other people. It can be a skill, a talent, or an ability that we enjoy doing and excel at. Because everyone is different, skills and talents are also different. By bringing people together, we create an immense pool of valuable skills and talents.

Redefining Work

We are all used to the idea of working in exchange for money. But some things are priceless. Things like a sense of community and safety within your neighborhood or the sense of belonging to a greater community where members care about each other. Such feelings are essential for people to thrive in their neighborhoods and for their happiness and wellbeing.


We all know how important it is to pay it forward. You do something for someone today and they will do something for someone else tomorrow. By paying it forward, we make sure our communities stay strong and support us all.

Community/Social Networks

People have always lived within social networks, be it an extended family, relatives, or friends. We cannot survive and prosper on our own. By helping each other, we strengthen our community and build a robust system of care.


We all deserve respect, no matter who we are or what we do. We deserve respect because we are people. This sense lies at the center of a Time Bank philosophy. People have worth just because they are people. This worth is used in a creative and caring way through a Time Bank.