Joining a Time Bank improves people’s lives and gives them a new perspective on the value of their work and skills.

Feel Empowered

Time Bank members feel empowered as they exchange their skills with other people’s talents and gain through this exchange. They earn dignity and respect and realize how useful we can all be in our communities.

Feel Better About Yourself

Time Banks are not charities: people exchange skills and talents and earn each other’s services. By engaging with a Time Bank, people feel better about themselves and their skills, even the most mundane ones. Indeed, people often discover that the most common skills are the ones in highest demand.

Social Contact and Friendships

Being a member of a Time Bank offers a unique opportunity to connect with people and to create friendships and social networks. It brings people together and creates a sense of community that people need. You will discover who your neighbors are, what they are called, and what their favorite food is.

Time Banks have this magical ability to bring together people from various and diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. They bridge the generation gap and let people immerse themselves into a vibrant community and share their diversity towards a common goal.

By building a community spirit, members build their lives and uplift their wellbeing. They become happier and more fulfilled.

Social contact also uproots loneliness and isolation and improves our emotional health. People are meant to be part of society. The more we participate in our communities, the more we become engaged, sociable, and gregarious.

Finish Projects You Have Been Postponing

Members get help on projects they’ve been meaning to do but never had the time, energy, or money to undertake them.

Income Doesn’t Matter

Because all time is valued as equal, all services have the same value. People can experience the services of others, irrespective of each other’s income. This brings equality and a sense of togetherness within the community.

Budget Relief

When times are tough, many people long for services they simply can’t afford. Child care, elder care, or home repairs are services that would greatly improve our quality of life. Unfortunately, we often can’t afford them due to other daily necessities.

By participating in a Time Bank, members can enjoy services they’ve been wishing for but couldn’t afford. This means that money that would be spent on these services is allocated elsewhere and people’s welfare, wellbeing, and comfort is improved. Or it simply means that, for the first time, people can have a babysitter or care for their elderly relatives!