Each of us has unique resources, skills, and talents to share, and we can all enjoy exchanging these for the services or goods of others. The types of tasks and services that can be time-banked are virtually unlimited.

Strangely, most people often think of themselves as quite ordinary and nothing special. And yet, your under-appreciated skills are crucial to people who need them and either can’t do them themselves or can’t afford them.

  • Think of something trivial like your love of long walks. Combine this with a love of animals and you can provide help by walking your neighbor’s dogs.
  • If you’re good with cars, you can fix someone’s car or service it.
  • For people who love to talk, there is eldercare and companionship.
  • Those who love babies can take care of toddlers and babysit for overwhelmed parents.
  • If you love teaching, there are more subjects than math to teach — you don’t have to be a scientist to share your knowledge. You can teach music, dance, or any other art close to your heart. And people who are lucky enough to speak many languages can give language lessons.
  • For art-lovers or people who love creating amazing things with their hands, arts and crafts lessons and services will be greatly appreciated by families and grownups alike
  • People who wish to get out of the house can help with errands and shopping or take an elder to a doctor’s appointment.
  • DIY experts can provide construction and home repairs to others.
  • Tech-savvy members can help with computer lessons, assistance, and support.
  • Writers can help with editing, word processing, and CV preparation.
  • People with accounting or finance experience can help others with their taxes and other necessary form-filing.
  • Members who have massage experience or can provide health and wellness services such as hairdressing or physical therapy will find their services in high demand.
  • While many people dread housekeeping, others are actually good at it and even enjoy it. They would love to Marie Kondo your home or help with your ironing or spring cleaning.

The list is as endless as people’s skills. There’s no greater lie to tell ourselves than, “I have nothing special to share with others.” We’re all unique and we all have something wonderful to share with our community!