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The Time Bank of the Rockies (TBR) develops networks of shared time between our members. We connect people and organizations in new ways to facilitate non-money based exchanges of resources and services.
Our Time Bank community is located in beautiful Montrose, Colorado, serving members throughout Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray, and Delta Counties.
Join our community today and share your talents and skills with those of others. That way, we will all benefit from each other's time and abilities!

How Do Time Banks Work?

Time Banks, also known as "time exchanges," are about people helping each other in a system where everyone's skills and time are equally valued and where everyone benefits. One hour you spend helping another member creates a time credit. Use your time credits to get help for yourself or others, or to purchase goods available from other members.
An hour of your time will give you a time credit that you can use in the future. You don't have to use your time credit with the person for whom you provided your service—you can use it for any other product or service offered by another member. And there's no expiration date for your time credits either!
Use your time credit with any member of our Time Bank whenever you face a need of any kind. Your time credits can even be donated to friends, family, or charities!

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Exchanging Services Through the Time Bank

Time Bank of the Rockies offers a wide array of services through our helpful members.
Our range of services, talents, and skills are only limited by what our members are currently offering each other. There are currently 40 categories of services offered, such as Business and Computer, Construction and Home Repair, Garden and Yard, Health Care and so many more!
Each of these categories has subcategories offering about 500 different talents and skills. For instance, members can find services like plumbing, painting, and odd jobs under Construction and Home Repair.

Exchanging Goods Through the Time Bank

Time Bank of the Rockies allows the exchange of items.
Offer your products for "sale" through the Time Bank. Members can "purchase" your products using their time credits. You establish how many time credits your product is worth to you. Remember, when someone purchases your product through the Time Bank, you earn time credits that you can then exchange for another good or service!
Determining how many time credits an item is worth can be challenging. How can you estimate the time you pay in exchange for freshly grown produce from another member's garden? Would I work an hour for this? People are flexible, and so are we. As long as the parties involved are agreeable, it's all good.
fresh garden produce

Everyone Is Equal

Although some skills are generally perceived as having a higher value compared to others, Time Banks recognize that everyone is equal no matter what job they perform. The goal is to build healthier communities based on mutual respect for everyone's efforts, talents, and skills.
Because all time is created equal, we do not put value on the talents, skills, or aptitudes of individual people. One hour of my time is equivalent to one hour of your time. There is no money involved, only goodwill and care for our community and general wellbeing.
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Non-Taxable Services

Services provided are non-taxable. Since 1985, the IRS has ruled that Time Banks are not deemed to be bartering systems. The services you provide are non-taxable, making it simpler and more beneficial to the whole community. You are providing "friendly neighborly favors"
Curious to learn more? Read our FAQs!

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"Time Bank is more about building community, sharing skills, and meeting new people than it is about economics. Although all members benefit from exchanges that do not entail money, the community connections are the real benefit of this resource. Regardless of your financial security, you contribute skills about which you are knowledgeable and passionate, and you receive services that you need—all while meeting new friends and perhaps folks you might not otherwise encounter."

— Robyn C.