TimeBank of the Rockies

Share Your Skills. Enrich Your Life.

We believe that all people have skills and talents that can be shared to improve everyone's life. Sharing such abilities is a wonderful way of interacting with people and getting involved with your community.
Through shared experiences and the sense of being useful to your community, people feel empowered and more engaged. They become part of a vibrant and caring group and gain friends. At the same time, they also earn time credits, which they can spend to improve their lives and have fun experiences.
Time Banks are not charities: all members share their unique skills and earn the same time credits, no matter what. We believe that all talents are equal and all time should be equal.

mob job
The philosophy of Time Banks is based on the idea that we all have something valuable to share with other people. It can be a skill, a talent, or an ability that we enjoy doing and excel at. Because everyone is different, skills and talents are also different. By bringing people together, we create an immense pool of valuable skills and talents.
Redefining Work
We are all used to the idea of working in exchange for money. But some things are priceless. Things like a sense of community and safety within your neighborhood or the sense of belonging to a greater community where members care about each other. Such feelings are essential for people to thrive in their neighborhoods and for their happiness and wellbeing.
We all know how important it is to pay it forward. You do something for someone today and they will do something for someone else tomorrow. By paying it forward, we make sure our communities stay strong and support us all.
Community/Social Networks
People have always lived within social networks, be it an extended family, relatives, or friends. We cannot survive and prosper on our own. By helping each other, we strengthen our community and build a robust system of care.
We all deserve respect, no matter who we are or what we do. We deserve respect because we are people. This sense lies at the center of a Time Bank philosophy. People have worth just because they are people. This worth is used in a creative and caring way through a Time Bank.

community garden
When you become a Time Bank member, you are given access to the Time Bank website and hOurworld software, Time and Talents. You can post the skills and talents you are willing to share as well as those you would like to receive. If you don't have a computer, you can get help from a Time Bank computer buddy or use a public-access computer at the library or other establishment offering such services.

member fixing water leak
If materials such as paint or office supplies are required, it is generally expected that these will be paid for by the person receiving the service. The person offering the service should discuss any such costs and payment with the recipient prior to performing the service.
It is important that service offers be worded with the service and any costs clearly separated. ie: "I'll haul your stuff to the dump for 1 hour, and will need $5 for gas, insurance and maintenance.", NOT "I'll haul your stuff to the dump for 1 hour and $5"" Time credits can never be conflated with cash.

Time may be banked in whole hours or quarter hours. If you work a partial hour, please round up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

member landscaping
No. Barter is based on the cash economy in a one-to-one exchange and is taxable! For example, a plumber and carpenter provide $1000 worth of work on each other's homes.
Time banking is "the provision of friendly neighborly favors for nothing in return" You are simply keeping track of time you have spent helping others or time they have spent helping you. Everyone's hour of service is valued the same, and there is no direct one to one exchange where I serve you and you serve me back. Bob makes Alice bread, Alice brings Joe vegetables, Joe fixes Bob's sink, and round and round it goes.

The IRS views the services provided in Time Banks as "friendly neighborly favors... in consideration of nothing...". There is no binding contract. No exchange of value for value. In a barter transaction you have to declare to the IRS the value of the goods and services you have received. And your transaction partner must declare the value of what they have receved from you. The IRS has issued three local rulings that Time Dollars are tax exempt. They have given three reasons for this status.
  • 1. An hour is always an hour, regardless of what is offered
  • 2. They are backed only by a moral obligation and are not legally binding
  • 3. Their purpose is charitable.

You can use one at the public library, borrow one from a neighbor, or use a Time Bank computer buddy (who earns time credits for recording and finding your services). All transactions must be tracked via hOurworld's Time and Talents software. If none of these options appeal to you, please contact the Time Bank to discuss your particular needs.

YES. You may bank whole hours or partial hours. If you work a partial hour, please round up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

member education learning conference
We ask for the donation amounts below to help maintain a part-time facilitator to keep our time bank running smoothly. We do not want to prohibit anyone from joining our time bank due to financial hardship. Therefore, in the spirit of time exchanges, if the annual membership donation is a hardship for you, please contact TBR staff to discuss other options.
  • Individuals and households
  • $30 for individuals
  • $25 for seniors 60 and over
  • $35 for senior household (all members 60 and over)
  • $50 for household
  • $15 for students
  • Businesses and organizations
  • $1000+ Platinum Membership
  • $500 Gold Membership
  • $250 Silver Membership
  • $100 Bronze Membership

Stephen Beckett, hOurworld co-founder
How can you trust anyone? As you participate in the time bank you will get to know members just as you would in any relationship. People are people whether they are members of the Time Bank or not. Time and Talents does provide you with information to make a judgement about whether or not you would like to interact with another member. For example, here are the 'Achievments' of Stephen, one of the co-founders of hOurworld and a member of Hour Exchange Portland:
  • Stephen has had 896 exchanges with 160 different members.
  • Stephen Beckett provided 726 times and 100% of those receiving were satisfied.
  • Stephen Beckett Responded when emailed 46 \ 46 times.
  • Stephen Beckett has made at least 850 service exchanges.
  • has received services at least 150 times.
  • has at least 50 exchanges supporting the timebank.
  • has at least 10 endorsements.
  • has joined at least 3 groups.
  • has been an active member at least 61 Months.
You can see that Stephen has been an active member of the time bank in good standing for many years. This information is available when you visit any member profile. Just click on their name.

As part of the application process, Time Bank of the Rockies screens all applicants using the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Registry database.

One way to handle this is to find someone who provides the service and recruit them to join Time Bank of the Rockies. The more skilled providers that join our community, the richer our services will be for everyone. You could also use the Search function in Time and Talents since a member may mention talents they have in their Bio, but haven't created a service offer yet. You could also post a Request. It's possible that a member that has the talent you need has never considered offering it.

members doing beadwork
For example, what if a Time Bank member gives you a haircut and you're not happy with it? Well, what would you do if you had paid cash for that haircut? Talk to the provider, express your opinion, and work out a solution. You would treat the situation the same way as you would in the cash economy. The provider could delete the transaction, effective returing your time credits. If the provider is unwilling, there is an {Initiate Dispute} link at the bottom of the email notification you recieve when the provider records the hours. It will notify the time bank admins with the details of the service, as well as your input on what went wrong. (There is also a link to {Endorse} the Provider!)

Of course. There is room for everyone to feel equal, give equally, and receive equally. Exchanging is wonderful because it goes against the hierarchy of classist thinking. The beautiful garden I planted for a doctor is of equal value to the doctor's examination of my skin disorder. We are each offering something of value to the other person, thus we are all valued equally.

Time Banking works as a complementary currency. Many businesses see the value in becoming Time Bank members because they get unique marketing benefits, loyal customers, and cash savings in starting or supporting their operation. Time banking is also used as a new business incubator, helping fledging operations get off the ground using time credits to fill needs when cash is scarce.

Absolutely! We're not competing, we're cooperating. All businesses and non-profit organizations have services to offer and can benefit from using their banked time for other services. So, it's basically the same rule as for every other member. Everyone fits this model: everyone!

Yes. We recommend capping member debt at -25 hours. If one is only earning time and not spending time (or vice versa), then there is no flow, no current, and no exchange. That is why it is so important to earn and spend the time that you bank. Don't forget that you can also donate some of your time credits to another member or an organization of your choice.

When members first login in to Time and Talents they provide an 'electronic signature' on our Release of Liability form as well as the hOurworld TOS and Privacy Policies. By signing our waiver you agree to hold Time Bank of the Rockies harmless of any and all injury to property or person, as well as dissatisfaction with work performed. The only way that everyone can participate as equals in our community is by signing and agreeing to the same rules and waivers.
"The two weeks that I spent as a member of Time Bank of the Rockies in Montrose were eye-opening and inspiring. Not only did I have access to services I normally wouldn't be able to afford, like a yoga class and health consultations, but I got to know a community, and even to feel a part of it, much more quickly than would ordinarily be the case. Rather than the major investment of time and effort that is usually part of settling and getting connected in a new place, I found myself—within a few days—with a full social calendar, meaningful work, and a place to put my abilities to immediate use."

— Julie E.