What are the Benefits of the Time Bank?

community craft group Joining a Time Bank improves people's lives and gives them a new perspective on the value of their work and skills.

Feel Empowered

Time Bank members feel empowered as they exchange their skills with other people's talents and gain through this exchange. They earn dignity and respect and realize how useful we can all be in our communities.

Feel Better About Yourself

Time Banks are not charities: people exchange skills and talents and earn each other's services. By engaging with a Time Bank, people feel better about themselves and their skills, even the most mundane ones. Indeed, people often discover that the most common skills are the ones in highest demand.

Social Contact and Friendships

Being a member of a Time Bank offers a unique opportunity to connect with people and to create friendships and social networks. It brings people together and creates a sense of community that people need. You will discover who your neighbors are, what they are called, and what their favorite food is.
Time Banks have this magical ability to bring together people from various and diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. They bridge the generation gap and let people immerse themselves into a vibrant community and share their diversity towards a common goal.
By building a community spirit, members build their lives and uplift their wellbeing. They become happier and more fulfilled.
Social contact also uproots loneliness and isolation and improves our emotional health. People are meant to be part of society. The more we participate in our communities, the more we become engaged, sociable, and gregarious.

Finish Projects You Have Been Postponing

Members get help on projects they've been meaning to do but never had the time, energy, or money to undertake them.

Income Doesn't Matter

Because all time is valued as equal, all services have the same value. People can experience the services of others, irrespective of each other's income. This brings equality and a sense of togetherness within the community.

Budget Relief

When times are tough, many people long for services they simply can't afford. Child care, elder care, or home repairs are services that would greatly improve our quality of life. Unfortunately, we often can't afford them due to other daily necessities.
By participating in a Time Bank, members can enjoy services they've been wishing for but couldn't afford. This means that money that would be spent on these services is allocated elsewhere and people's welfare, wellbeing, and comfort is improved. Or it simply means that, for the first time, people can have a babysitter or care for their elderly relatives!

Core Values of Time Banks Around the World

There are hundres of Time Banks around the United States and the world. Time Banks bring people together and create a sense of community and common goal. They value everyone the same and empower people to give and receive services without the exchange of money.
Through Time Banks, members improve their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence because they feel they can give back to the community. This sets Time Banks apart from charities, which have a different philosophy.
An improved quality of life and a sense of safety make our communities better and happier. People feel they can trust each other and rely on each other in case of an emergency. The more people are involved in a community, the more they will care and value its wellbeing and prosperity.


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The Five Core Values of Time Banks

The philosophy of Time Banks is based on the idea that we all have something valuable to share with other people. It can be a skill, a talent, or an ability that we enjoy doing and excel at. Because everyone is different, skills and talents are also different. By bringing people together, we create an immense pool of valuable skills and talents.
Redefining Work
We are all used to the idea of working in exchange for money. But some things are priceless. Things like a sense of community and safety within your neighborhood or the sense of belonging to a greater community where members care about each other. Such feelings are essential for people to thrive in their neighborhoods and for their happiness and wellbeing.
We all know how important it is to pay it forward. You do something for someone today and they will do something for someone else tomorrow. By paying it forward, we make sure our communities stay strong and support us all.
Community/Social Networks
People have always lived within social networks, be it an extended family, relatives, or friends. We cannot survive and prosper on our own. By helping each other, we strengthen our community and build a robust system of care.
We all deserve respect, no matter who we are or what we do. We deserve respect because we are people. This sense lies at the center of a Time Bank philosophy. People have worth just because they are people. This worth is used in a creative and caring way through a Time Bank.

Time Banking at a Glance

love your neighbor Help your community

The foremost advantage of joining Time Bank of the Rockies is connecting with a network of help within the community. People caring about each other offer their time to help.
Time Banks are particularly helpful because they are not charities: they provide self-esteem and self-confidence to people. People often feel bad about themselves when they receive charity from others.
In the case of Time Banks, members are sharing something they can do in exchange for a service they need. It is not a charity but a voluntary exchange of each other's skills, talents, abilities, and knowledge capacities. We are all offering something for the greater good and for the growth and prosperity of our communities.
By connecting community members with each other, Time Banks are providing for a healthier and happier community.

Earn services you wouldn't be able to afford

We all have services we love to buy from others. We may want a massage, a pedicure, some financial advice, or simply someone to fix our shelves. But we often postpone things for lack of money and always tell ourselves that we will do it at some point.
With a Time Bank, everyone's talents are equal. This offers people the opportunity to try out new things and services they have been longing to but couldn't afford.
Think of someone who needs to update their CV for an interview: having proper advice could cost them money. With a Time Bank, however, they can get valuable advice in exchange for something they can do in return. And it gives them a chance to enter the job market on much better terms. So, everyone wins!

Gift your time to friends, family, and relatives

Even if you have no need for a service, it could still be precious to others. What if you could donate time to your loved ones or a charity that is particularly close to your heart?
We all wish for services that will improve our quality of life. Indeed, through our chats with our members, we've come to realize that people lack the luxury of services even more than goods. Even something as simple as an hour of babysitting so that a busy couple can go for a walk can make a huge difference in people's lives.
By participating in our Time Bank, you are earning time credits. Donate them to your grandma, sister, friend, or the charity helping homeless people around the corner. All these people would love to enjoy a service of their choice without having to pay for it.

What Can I Exchange in a Time Bank?

love your neighbor Each of us has unique resources, skills, and talents to share, and we can all enjoy exchanging these for the services or goods of others. The types of tasks and services that can be time-banked are virtually unlimited.
Strangely, most people often think of themselves as quite ordinary and nothing special. And yet, your under-appreciated skills are crucial to people who need them and either can't do them themselves or can't afford them.
  • Think of something trivial like your love of long walks. Combine this with a love of animals and you can provide help by walking your neighbor's dogs.
  • If you're good with cars, you can fix someone's car or service it.
  • For people who love to talk, there is eldercare and companionship.
  • Those who love babies can take care of toddlers and babysit for overwhelmed parents.
  • If you love teaching, there are more subjects than math to teach — you don't have to be a scientist to share your knowledge. You can teach music, dance, or any other art close to your heart. And people who are lucky enough to speak many languages can give language lessons.
  • For art-lovers or people who love creating amazing things with their hands, arts and crafts lessons and services will be greatly appreciated by families and grownups alike.
  • People who wish to get out of the house can help with errands and shopping or take an elder to a doctor's appointment.
  • DIY experts can provide construction and home repairs to others.
  • Tech-savvy members can help with computer lessons, assistance, and support.
  • Writers can help with editing, word processing, and CV preparation.
  • People with accounting or finance experience can help others with their taxes and other necessary form-filing.
  • Members who have massage experience or can provide health and wellness services such as hairdressing or physical therapy will find their services in high demand.
  • While many people dread housekeeping, others are actually good at it and even enjoy it. They would love to Marie Kondo your home or help with your ironing or spring cleaning.