TimeBank of the Rockies

What Can You Exchange Through the Time Bank?

We welcome all people with all the talents, skills, and abilities they bring with them. No one talent is more valuable than another. If you're wondering what types of talents a Time Bank offers, take a look below! You may also review the categories of services currently being offered by members here.
time bank yard work

Home related Services

We all know how demanding a home can be. Between cleaning, ironing, cooking, taking care of children and pets, and working, juggling everything can get exhausting really fast.
But we also all have a particular skill. Some people enjoy cleaning, others are masters at ironing, and some love waking up early in the morning to take their dog for a long walk. Some people love gardening and others are good with fixing things. What if we all pooled our talents and helped each other while earning services for ourselves?
  • Check in on a house while its resident is on vacation
  • Water plants/lawn
  • Feed a pet
  • Walk a dog
  • House-sit
  • Visit a shut-in
  • Child care/ babysitting
  • Car wash or detailing
  • Meal preparation or baking
  • Home and auto repairs
  • Yard cleanup
  • Lawn mowing
  • House cleaning or organizing
  • Snow shoveling or leaf raking


Driving or running around to finish all our chores can be a challenge. Still, others enjoy being out in the open instead of facing a computer screen all day long. And we all have to run errands.
While running our errands, we can also help a neighbor, friend, or community member. It gives people a sense of security knowing they live in a community where people care about each other. And it earns you time credits to spend however you want.
  • Give someone a ride
  • Hauling
  • Pick up and deliver dry cleaning
  • Shop for a neighbor
  • Check in on an isolated elder or sick neighbor
errands girl delivering groceries


computer based services

Computer-Based Services

Technology is all around us. Some of us are pros, while others require help. If you enjoy social media, why not help people manage their accounts? And many people are amazing at fixing computers and troubleshooting: we all have hidden talents that we take for granted. Use them in our Time Bank to earn time credits for something else you might need.
  • Manuscript typing
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Website maintenance
  • Custom software development
  • Help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Computer setup and troubleshooting

Teaching and Tutoring

Music, languages, or crafts: people have skills that they can share with others.Learning Spanish or Portuguese, how to quilt and knit, or using your brushes and paints to creative ends can become beautiful experiences that you'll cherish for years to come. Things that you can teach or learn include:
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Knitting, sewing, quilting, or crafts
  • Using a computer
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Tutoring students in various subjects
  • Driving instruction
  • Making documentaries


ladies at work smiling


two women - care companion request

Personal Care

How about a haircut that you have been postponing for ages? Or someone to help you sort out your finances and trim your expenses? Or that massage you've been longing for? Our talents are endless and we can all pull them all together to create a happier, better community.
  • Haircut, hair coloring, permanent
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Facial or massage
  • Bill paying and bookkeeping
  • Help with a tax return
  • Account management
  • Legal assistance
  • Writing
  • Sewing and mending
  • Translation

Time Bank Education

You can learn more about Time Banking through these helpful online resources:

Sues's Story

"A few years ago, Sue became seriously ill and struggled with her illness and chronic fatigue, which left her unable to work. After hearing her story, her counselor at Region 10 suggested Sue get involved with Time Bank of the Rockies.
Thanks to the Time Bank's relationship with Region 10, Sue was referred to numerous Time Bank members to receive services — all based on hours of exchange, rather than money—with local healers in various alternative modalities she gained some relief, services which she otherwise would not have been able to afford. Other Time Bank members helped her move into a new place, shop for groceries, pick up and deliver library materials for her and perform other body work on her. These exchanges, and the network of support that came with them, seem to have brought her some relief. Like many of us who find ourselves isolated by a society which places an unhealthy value on individual effort, Sue quickly recognized the benefits of creative, shared solutions such as Time Banking. 'I never realized the wealth of resources within my own community.'"

— Sue A.